Faculty Parking

College Park

Beginning in the Fall 2012 term, UMUC faculty members teaching on the University of Maryland College Park campus who submit an application for a parking permit will be issued a virtual permit rather than the hanging permits that were issued in previous terms. The online application provides space to list up to four vehicle license plate numbers per registration. Only one vehicle per registration may be parked in a restricted lot at a time. For more information, consult UMCP’s Department of Transportation Services Parking Regulations or contact Faculty Services and Communications.  

If you need a parking permit for a restricted faculty lot, submit an online application to Faculty Services and Communications. Please submit your application as early as possible, as processing of permit requests takes approximately one week.

Please register at the beginning of each semester for your parking registration. Your faculty parking permit is valid for only one semester; it will be expired at the end of each semester.

Please check the UMCP parking map to determine the closest parking area to your scheduled building and classroom assignment. 

If you have not received a parking permit by your first day of class, remember that visitors to UMCP do not need a permit to park after 4 p.m. on weekdays or any time on weekends. During those times, you may park in any unrestricted lot, including Lots 1, 2G, 4, 11 and 16. Be sure to pay attention to signs at the entrance to all parking lots for possible restrictions, as this information may change throughout the session.

Faculty Services and Communications handles parking permits for UMUC faculty members teaching at the University of Maryland College Park campus. If you need additional information, please e-mail parking@umuc.edu or call 240-684-2605 during business hours.

Regional Sites

Special parking requirements may exist at locations other than College Park. Military installations frequently have firm regulations. You should receive parking information for regional sites before your class begins.

Parking Tickets

You are responsible for any parking tickets you receive. However, if you receive a parking violation on the College Park campus while waiting for a parking permit or for other circumstances you think may be justifiably contested, fill in the box on the reverse side of the ticket under the heading "All Ticket Recipients Complete the Following." Attach a brief written explanation, and forward it and the violation notice to the address in the ticket.