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Tharp, Steven A
BS, Virginia Commonwealth University
MS, Virginia Commonwealth University

Thaxton, Mary L
BA, Emory and Henry College
MLn, Emory University
MA, Georgia State University
PhD, Georgia State University

Theobalds, Elizabeth D
JD, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Thomas, Victoria
JD, Syracuse University

Thomas, Tanya S
BS, Pace University
JD, Howard University
MLS, University of Maryland College Park

Thomas, Simone H
BS, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MS, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
MS, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Thomas, Stephen J
BS, University of Waterloo (Canada)
MS, McGill University (Canada)
PhD, University of Montreal (Canada)

Thomas, Michael O
BA, Morgan State University
MA, Princeton Theological Seminary
PhD, United Theological Seminary
PhD, Graduate Theological Foundation

Thomas IV, George L.
BA, University of Maryland College Park
BS, University of Maryland College Park
MBA, Mount St. Mary's College

Thompson, Laveen M.
BS, Ohio State University
MA, Central Michigan University
JD, Capital University

Thompson, Karl M.
BS, Howard University
PhD, Howard University

Thompson, Steven J
BA, Pennsylvania State University
MS, Indiana University Bloomington
PhD, Clemson University

Thompson, Karl M
BS, Howard University
PhD, Howard University

Thompson, Jennifer LW
BA, Vanderbilt University
MA, American University
PhD, American University

Thompson, Timothy P
BA, University of South Florida
MA, University of South Florida
PhD, Emory University

Thompson, Ellen M
BA, Duke University
MA, University of Florida
PhD, University of Texas at Austin

Thoren, John A
MBA, University of Maine
MS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Thorn, Virgelean J
BS, Bowie State University
MS, Bowie State University
PhD, Nova University

Thrall, Jonathan C
BS, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
MBA, Boston University

Tian, Guihua
BA, University of Oceanography (China)
MS, University of Northern Virginia
MS, University of Maryland University College

Tice, Peter C
BA, University of Cincinnati
MS, University of Cincinnati
PhD, University of Cincinnati

Tichich, Mary C
BS, University of Delaware
MS, Texas A&M University
PhD, Texas A&M University

Tidwell, John W.
BA, State University of New York at Stony Brook
MS, Columbia University

Tiefenwerth, Thomas J
MS, Long Island University, C.W. Post
MA, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
MPA, University of Texas at Tyler
PhD, University of Southern Mississippi

Timko, Thomas J
BA, University of Dayton
MA, Georgetown University

Tindle, Steven A.
BA, Chapman University
MA, Webster University

Tinkcombe, Anne L
MA, University of St. Andrews (United Kingdom)
PhD, Stanford University

Tipple, Paul E
BA, University of Western Ontario (Canada)
LLM, University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
LLM, Georgetown University

Tiruneh, Nebiyu
PhD, University of Florida

Tjaden, Bunny J
MS, Johns Hopkins University
MS, Johns Hopkins University
PhD, George Washington University

Tjiputra, Jeff
BS, Pittsburgh State University
MS, Fort Hays State University
DSc, George Washington University

Todd, Gwendolyn M
BS, Ohio University
MA, McDaniel College

Tojo, Noriko
BA, Nihon University (Japan)
MEd, George Mason University

Tolbert, Larry G
MA, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

Tomaiuolo, Nicholas G
BS, University of Connecticut
PhD, Southern Connecticut State University

Tomasi, Alessandro
BA, Christopher Newport College
MA, Old Dominion University
PhD, The New School

Tomberlin, David
PhD, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Tomic, Aleksandar
BS, Texas A&M University
MA, Clemson University
PhD, Clemson University

Tona, Frank
BS, SUNY College of Brockport
MPA, Norwich University

Tonui, Patrick K
MBA, Georgia State University
MS, Georgia State University

Toregas, Patricia J
MA, University of Maryland University College

Torpey, Melissa A
BA, University of North Carolina at Wilmington
MS, Michigan State University

Torres, Nelson
MA, Webster University

Torres, Bethany A
BS, University of Maryland University College
MBA, University of Maryland University College

Torrez, Diana J
BA, University of New Mexico
MS, University of New Mexico
PhD, University of New Mexico

Torsethaugen, Gro
BS, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)
MS, University of Oslo (Norway)
PhD, University of Oslo (Norway)

Travis, Julia S
MBA, Virginia Commonwealth University
BA, Ohio University

Trimmer, Karen S.
BA, American University
MA, American University

Triplett, William J.
MBA, Liberty University

Trissell, Teresa D
BA, University of Nebraska at Lincoln
JD, Georgetown University

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