Getting Started Online 

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

ISPs offer direct access to the World Wide Web via the Internet, provide e-mail accounts, and allow customers to publish and store their own Web pages on their servers. They charge either a flat fee or according to the amount of time spent online (the way telephone companies bill for calls).

UMUC's WebTycho Help has information that can assist you in selecting an internet service provider.


A browser is software that enables computer users to access and navigate the World Wide Web and, usually, to copy and print materials as well as download information. The two most popular browsers are:

Look for additional information about browsers that are compatible with WebTycho at WebTycho Help - Browsers and Settings.

E-mail Accounts

UMUC faculty are issued a campus e-mail address ( to use for all university-related correspondence. All Adelphi faculty members will be expected to use their campus e-mail address for on-site and online classes. Instructors may also use private messaging to communicate with students in the WebTycho classroom.

Faculty members may access their e-mail accounts through E-Mail at UMUC using their MyUMUC username and password. Faculty should review the Faculty E-mail Policy for guidelines on campus e-mail use.