Procedure for Late Grade Changes

Late Grade Changes

Normally, no grade changes are allowed after four months, including the change of an "I" that has automatically become an "F." Faculty should set deadlines for completion well in advance of the deadline, in order to allow time for grading final work and submission of the final grade.

Any changes after that time require special approval by the Dean’s Office. This procedure therefore applies only in extraordinary cases with documented rationale.

Submission of Late Grade Change

If the late grade change results from an extension of an Incomplete beyond the deadline, the extension must be specifically requested by the student. The faculty member retains the right to support or deny that request and should not support it except in extraordinary circumstances.

The grade change must be submitted on the paper grade change form. Electronic grade changes are blocked after the deadline.

The change must be accompanied by a written explanation of the reason for the late submission, with appropriate documentation. The faculty member may send the change by email to the academic director, with a request to submit the paper form on his/her behalf, or may send the paper form directly. However, the academic director should be informed of the late submission.

The change must be sent to the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs. She has the option to approve, deny or request further documentation. If she has already approved the request in advance, that email should be attached.

If approved, the Associate Dean will send the change to the Registrar’s Office for processing.