UMUC Faculty Registrations for Sloan Consortium Online Workshops

UMUC, as part of its its Institutional Premium Membership from the Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C), also purchases a yearly College Pass Membership.

The College Pass Membership entitles UMUC faculty and academic administrators to participate without charge in online workshops sponsored by Sloan-C.

These ungraded, online, asynchronous professional development workshops will take place on the “Moodle” course management system. (Some workshops also feature additional synchronous sessions on Elluminate.) The workshops cover a broad range of topics related to online teaching and learning and are facilitated by experts in online education from diverse institutions and associations. Participation in these workshops also provides an opportunity to interact with faculty and administrators from a wide variety of institutions. Most workshops range in length from 10 days to three weeks and since these workshops are ungraded, enrollees are welcome to participate at whatever level of involvement is most appropriate for them. (Those accustomed to the enrollment caps on Faculty Development workshops should be aware that the Sloan workshops may contain 50 or more participants.)

Faculty Development will be managing the registration for these workshops through Faculty Development Web site. Faculty may view the current Sloan-C workshops titles and descriptions for 2014 by going to Sloan-C's 2014 Workshop Schedule but must register for the workshops here using the below form. Once faculty have registered through Faculty Development, they will receive confirmation from Sloan of enrollment and instructions on how to proceed. In filling out the registration form, please be sure to indicate the dates for each potential workshop since many offer multiple session dates.

Faculty Development will do its best to expedite your registration, but please be aware that Sloan-C controls registration and sets its own enrollment caps. Therefore, it is not possible for Faculty Development to ensure your enrollment in a particular workshop.

Those interested in the Sloan's Online Teaching Certificate program must pay their own program fee, but can apply to Faculty Development for free seats to fulfill the program's electives requirements. See details at

Please note that Faculty Development does not offer credit for the Sloan workshops under Faculty Development's Workshop Certificate Program since the Sloan workshops are mostly ungraded offerings. However, those who complete the Sloan Online Teaching Certificate can apply for credit toward the Advanced certificate equal to one workshop under the Design, Integration, and Implementation category.