University of Oldenburg

The University of Oldenburg in Germany and UMUC recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding that offers a doctoral option to a small selection of Master of Distance Education and E-Learning (MDE) graduates.

After You’re Accepted

Accepted candidates will enroll at The Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg. They would receive a PhD upon completion of the doctoral option, awarded by the university's School of Education and Social Sciences.

Students whose research proposals are accepted would  begin their research immediately. After a candidate contacts Dr. Hülsmann, C3L will negotiate with potential supervisors—tenured professors of Oldenburg's School of Education and Social Sciences—to find one who can take on a doctoral candidate. Because of the limited number of doctoral supervisors, some good research proposals might be rejected.

What is a Doctoral Option?

The proposed doctoral option is not to be confused with a doctoral program, where students take a series of courses. The doctoral option is focused on the research developed from the research proposal.

The degree will be awarded according to the doctoral proceedings of the School of Education and Social Sciences after the successful completion of a dissertation and a disputation about the thesis.

More Information

  • Students don't need to speak German.
    The doctoral option, including the dissertation and its disputation, can be written and conducted in English. This also applies to all support and supervision processes.
  • The study format is one of blended learning.
    Doctoral students will visit Oldenburg annually to participate in a research seminar of the supervising professor. Students will also need to visit Oldenburg in the initial stages to set the research question and discuss the research design.
  • The dissertation should be completed in three years, and must be completed within five.
  • Fees for three years are estimated at $18,000.
    Depending on the amount of additional support needed, fees will vary. The fees are payable in three installments at the beginning of each year.
  • The research student is mainly supported online.
    Support from C3L will include regular discussion of progress reports and customized support, if necessary, for advising on the feasibility of the research design.
  • UMUC allows access to its online library resources during research.