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Spring 2015 Issue

Cover Story

  • The University of the Future
    Making the case for a university that is portable, flexible, and adaptable to the needs of individual students. By UMUC President Javier Miyares


  • The Class of UMUC: History Makers and Leaders In Their Fields
    Eighteen UMUC graduates who have made history or risen to the top of their respective professions. By Menachem Wecker
  • Pillars of Strength
    Caregivers of injured military personnel receive full scholarships to UMUC. By Menachem Wecker
  • Tales of the Academic Foreign Legion
    Veterans of UMUC’s overseas operations look back on teaching careers that were measured in miles. By Gil Klein


  • UMUC's Championship Season
  • Hoyer, Cardin Visit UMUC
  • Kalb: Scalia and Ginsburg, Woodward and Bernstein
  • Augustine: Applying Breakthrough Ideas in Higher Education

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Past Issues

Spring 2014

2014 Spring Achiever

Cover Story

How We Learn
Three thought leaders discuss the changing face of higher education. By Gil Klein.


Spring 2013

2013 Spring Achiever

Cover Story

Cybersecurity Secrets
Industry experts discuss the challenges of hacking, tracking and attacking in a virtual world. By Gil Klein


Fall 2012

Achiever Fall 2012

Cover Story

Hails from the Chiefs
Seven U.S. presidents commend UMUC's service to our nation's military. By Gil Klein


Spring 2012

Achiever - Spring 2012

Cover Story

Warrior University
Almost 40 years ago, Maj. Gen. Michael Tucker's commanding officers supported his dreams of earning a college degree. Through Warrior University, he has done the same for thousands of others. By Chip Cassano

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