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Kalb Report - Sept. 22, 2012

Why Murrow Matters in the Digital Age

September 22, 2012

Edward R. Murrow established the gold standard for broadcast journalism, harnessing the power of both radio and television to "teach illuminate and inspire." As we blaze new trails in the digital age, how do we apply Murrow's reporting and leadership skills to drive journalism forward? On this edition of The Kalb Report, public radio legend and Murrow biographer Bob Edwards, New York Times managing editor Dean Baquet, CBS News Correspondent Erin Moriarty and Edward R Murrow's son, Casey Murrow, join moderator Marvin Kalb (the last correspondent personally hired by Edward R. Murrow at CBS News) to cross the digital divide in the battle for the soul of journalism. Watch Now

Bob Edwards, Host, Sirius-XM Satellite Radio
Dean Baquet, Managing Editor, The New York Times
Erin Moriarty, Correspondent, CBS News
Casey Murrow, Educator and son of Edward R. Murrow


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