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  • Solutions that Beget Solutions
    Led by Sabrina Fu
    Our environmental crisis is cyclically connected to everything else that we do in life. Therefore, even a small change that you make can have a big impact, especially when the solution is connected to other solutions.

  • Technology's Impact on the Environment
    Led by Richard Schoenwiesner
    Too often in the past, we have relied on science and technology to solve one problem only to create another. One example is the use of plastic bags. By choosing plastic over paper, we help to reduce deforestation and the destruction of trees. However, the use of plastic bags also increases our use of fossil fuels and adds non-degradable wastes to our landfills and oceans. We need to be more thoughtful about the consequences of using technology. Each time we examine another technology, we need to ask ourselves very basic questions: 1) Where will the energy and materials for this technology come from?; 2) What wastes will be generated from using this technology? Technology by itself cannot solve problems; people must come together to create solutions.

  • Gardening
    Led by Alissa Ellison (read the Introduction to Gardening)
    We know that our environmental problems are overwhelming and complicated, and that there is no single solution. But by starting small, we will eventually see the long-term benefits of our actions. One way that we can start small is to plant a community or home garden. Gardening not only produces low-cost, locally-grown food, but connects people to one another and to the wonders of our Earth.

  • Thoughts on Water
    Led by Jeremy Broadhead (read Using Tapwater)
    Being thoughtful about purchases produces less waste and demand for goods. Manufacturers will only make what the public will buy. As part of creating more thoughtful solutions, we will discuss the advantages of using tap water over bottled water.

  • Share Local Connections
    Led by Sabrina Fu
    Share your resources for Reducing, Reusing and Recycling or share what you do locally.

  • Post Your Questions, Comments and Feedback
    Led by Arlaine Freeman

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