Educational Resources


There is a lot we can do to educate ourselves and others throughout the world on ways to help the environment. We've provided a list of reuse and recycling resources, including Web sites, as well as multimedia presentations and student-led discussion forums.

Reuse and Recycling Resources

Explore some great Web sites that we've found on reducing and recycling. These sites are organized by location and then by subject matter.

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Join the Discussion!

Which resources do you use to reduce, reuse and recycle? Tell us in Share Local Connections. Or, join Principal Investigator Sabrina to discuss Solutions that Beget Solutions.

Multimedia Presentations

  • Carbon Footprint
    by UMUC student Arlaine Freeman
    What is it and why is it so complicated?
    What is your carbon footprint and how can you reduce it?
  • Learning About Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
    by UMUC student Terra Virsilas
    What happens to your garbage after you throw it away? This presentation provides research and an overview of what MSW is and what you can do to reduce it.
  • What is the Life Cycle of a Product?
    by UMUC students Carrissa Acosta and LaSalle (Tate) Easter
    Learn the cradle-to-grave life story of a water bottle or soda can.

The Story of Stuff

  • The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard
    Stuff. We all have it. Watch this video to learn about its cost to you and the environment. Sponsored by the Tides Foundation and Funders Workgroup for Sustainable Production and Consumption.

Conserving and Protecting Our Water

  • The Water Cycle
    by UMUC student Jeremy Broadhead
    We live on a planet with a unique resource—water. Learn more about what you can do to help preserve it.
  • Watershed/Runoff
    by UMUC students Mary Beth Tibbs, Terri Shelton, Vicki Holliday and Alissa McDonnell Ellison
    Runoff is a natural part of the water cycle, but we have disrupted it with our land and water use. Learn about runoff, how it effects our watershed and what you can do.
  • Using Tap Water
    by Jeremy Broadhead
  • Gardening
    by Alissa Ellison