Certificate in E-Business

NOTE: As of Spring 2010, no new applications will be accepted for this certificate. Current students should contact their graduate advisor for information about completing the program requirements.

The certificate in e-business is designed to address the basic requirements of e-business:  introduction to e-business, e-marketing, e-technologies, e-business economics, and social, legal, ethical, and regulatory issues.

Total Semester Hours: 15

Students must take the following courses:

  • UCSP 611 - Introduction to Graduate Library Research Skills (0) (Must complete within first 6 credits of study.)
  • EBUS 610 Introduction to E-Business (3)
  • EBUS 620 E-Marketing (3)
  • EBUS 630 Social, Legal, Ethical, and Regulatory Issues (3)
  • EBUS 640 E-Technology (3)
  • EBUS 660 E-Business Economics (3)

Courses of Interest

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