Graduate Student Relations

Welcome to Graduate Student Relations, a unit of the Dean's Office of the Graduate School.

Graduate Student Relations is here to help UMUC graduate students, faculty and administrators work together as an academic community and resolve issues that may affect students' classroom success. Our role is to facilitate communication and offer you the support and information you need—guidance about academic policy and appeal issues, as well as problem solving and advice.

The main goals of Graduate Student Relations are to provide

  • A positive and supportive atmosphere
  • Problem resolution
  • Clarification about academic policies and procedures
  • Guidance during complex situations
  • Connections with other UMUC support services

Our office also handles issues related to

  • Academic appeals
  • Escalated student classroom concerns
  • Academic integrity, academic dishonesty and plagiarism
  • ‘No-show' students (enrolled students who have not attended their classes)

For assistance when you need it, contact:

Laurie Mabile
Director for Graduate Student Relations
Phone: 240-684-2400
Fax: 240-684-2401

To contact your program chair or academic specialist, see Graduate School Personnel.

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