LEO: Continuous Delivery Updates

LEO: Continuous Delivery Updates
Continuous Delivery positions the learning environment (LEO) to accommodate faster delivery of high quality, valuable new functionality going forward.
This article provides a description of new features introduced into the learning environment as part of Continuous Delivery and links to resources that will provide more information. Remember to check this article for information on new or modified features.

What's New

May 2016

On May 27, you may notice a few slight changes in the online classroom. Names of certain areas in the classroom will change, however no functionality in those areas will be impacted. These changes will make navigating the classroom more intuitive.

  • News, where your instructor posts messages to the class, will now be called Announcements.
  • Pager, the internal messaging function within the classroom, will now be called Instant Message.
  • Roster, the list of students and faculty in the class, will now be called Classlist.
  • Start Here, the welcome landing page for the class, will now be called Overview.
  • For Faculty, Edit Course will now be called Course Admin.
February 2016

Faculty and Students

You can now save your discussion thread as a draft in the discussion topic of your course.
December 2015
Faculty and Students
An earlier update to the LEO classroom caused an issue where after reading a discussion thread, it failed to update to be marked as read.  This has now been fixed and threads will correctly be marked as read.  Please note:  Extremely long threads may take several seconds for this to process but once completed you can be confident that the posts have successfully been marked as read.
September 2015
The Upcoming Events tab in the Content Area has been renamed Course Schedule. The tabs within that have been renamed as well - showing Upcoming and Full Schedule and a third tab has been added - Overdue.  The Overdue tab allows you to view and act on a list of overdue assignments in the new Overdue tab in the Course Schedule view of the Content tool.
  • Note:  Only assignments with an end date that is later than the due date (or no end date) appear in the list to ensure that you have time to complete the overdue assignments.
  • You can access the assignment directly from the list to complete it.  Once the assignment has been completed, it disappears from the list, and when all overdue items are completed, the Overdue tab disappears from the Course Schedule view.  (Of course your syllabus schedule and faculty member’s late policy indicate whether late work can be accepted.)
Faculty If you experience any technical issues please visit Help@UMUC to request assistance or to chat live, or call 1-888-360-UMUC (8682).