LEO: Save as Draft Option for Discussion Threads

This feature within LEO allows students and faculty to create a discussion thread and make multiple edits before publishing it.

  1. From the Course Home page, click DiscussionsNote: You may be required to click the My Tools drop down menu to select Discussions
  2. Click the applicable Topic link. 
  3. Click Start a New Thread. Note: For more information on how to start a new thread, please refer to the following article: LEO: How do I add a post to a discussion?
  4. Create the Subject and Body for your thread and click Save as Draft.
  5. Any postings that you have saved as a draft will not be visible to the class.
  6. To make edits to your draft in progress, click the message and complete your editing. If you are satisfied with your thread as it is, click Post.
  7. Your thread will now show your name and the date and time that you published it.
Note: The Save as Draft function is not available when posting a reply to another thread.