Email Assistance: How Do I Check a Conference Room's Availability Online?

During Exchange and Google Apps co-existence co-existence, in order to check Conference room's (resource's) schedule, you will not be able to add a conference room's calendar to your calendar list in Google Apps Calendar. The following steps will guide through a work-around to gain access to a Conference Room's Calendar availability.

Please see Email Assistance: Issue – Unable To Add A Conference Room's Calendar In Google Mail for more info on why you cannot add them.

  1. Go to MyUMUC and click the respective staff or faculty link.
  1. On the University of Maryland University College Central Authentication Service (CAS) page, type your MyUMUC User ID in the MyUMUC ID field; type your MyUMUC Password in the Password field. Then click on the LOGIN button.
  2. When you are logged in you will be taken to the Mail home screen. To get to your calendar please click the Calendar button located at the top of the page.
  1. Click the red Create button to get to the Event Creation page.
  1. Enter the conference room(s) that you would like to look at in the Guest section.
Note: During the co-existence of the Exchange and Google Mail servers all rooms will need to be added as Guest.
  1. After the rooms have been added click the Find A Time tab. This tab is located right next to the Event Details tab.
  1. In the Find A Time tab a calendar will be displayed. In this calendar you can see what times are available for which rooms. Each room will have its own separate color which will indicate when they will be occupied.
  1. You can add rooms to by entering them in the same Guest section.
  1. To remove a room click the X next to the room that you would like removed.
  1. After you have found a date and time that you would like to use please see Email Assistance: How Do I Create A Meeting In Google Mail for instructions on how to create your meeting.