Google Mail: How Do I - Enroll my Android Device to Access Faculty Mail

Before you enroll your Android device to access your University of Maryland University College email account, download and install the TouchDown for Smartphones app and the AirWatch Agent from the Play Store.

Important Note: It is imperative that you download and install TouchDown for Smartphones app before you download and install the AirWatch Agent.

Download and Install TouchDown for Smartphones
The Touchdown app is a 30 day trial version. Once your device is enrolled, the license key for TouchDown client will be pushed to fully activate the client.

Step 1: Open the Play Store on your device and search for the TouchDown for Smartphones app. Once found, select Download to install the trial version app in your device. 
The Touchdown app is a 30 day trial version. Once your device is enrolled, the license key for TouchDown client will be pushed to fully activate the client.

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Step 2: Select I Accept button to continue with the download and allow the app to access your device.

For additional information, please visit Android Market - TouchDown for Smartphones, and select the Permissions tab.

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Step 3: Once the app has been installed, do not setup Touchdown; necessary information will be populated after you download and install AirWatch agent.


Download and Install AirWatch Agent
The AirWatch mobile device manager app requires a password to unlock your device and enables the University of Maryland University College to delete university data in the event the device is lost or you separate from the university.

Step 1: Search for the AirWatch Agent in your device's Play Store.

Once found, tap Install to start the installation.

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Step 2: You will be prompted to review the App’s permissions. Select Accept to start the installation.

Step 3: You will see Successfully installed AirWatch Agent at the bottom-right of your screen once the app has been installed.

Select Open to start the enrollment process.

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Step 4: AirWatch will ask for enrollment information.

If you are prompted with AirWatch would like to use your current location, you can select Don't Allow as this is not required for the enrollment process.

At the AirWatch Agent screen select Server Details; do not enter your email address on this screen.

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Step 5: If have a University of Maryland University Android device issued by your department, you will need to use the code provided by your division's Service Desk. Please do not use the code on Personal Devices because it will not work properly on a University of Maryland University College device.

Enter the Server and Group ID:

  • Server:
  • Group ID: GoogleFaculty

Tap Continue.

If you receive the message A server with specified hostname could not be found, select OK and type the server URL again.

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Step 6: At the AirWatch Authenticate screen, enter your credentials to authenticate your device:

  • User Name:
  • Password: Your MyUMUC Password
  • Email Username:
  • Email Address:

Tap Continue.

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Step 7: After your MyUMUC login credentials are validated, you will be prompted with the End User License Agreement.
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the screen and tap Accept.

Step 8: The AirWatch MDM Agent will connect to the University of Maryland University College server to authenticate the information you previously entered and enroll your device.
This may take a few minutes depending on the strength of your connection.

Step 9: Please be patient during the Enrollment in progress... process.
It may take a few minutes depending on the strength of your connection. 

Step 10: You will be directed to a screen asking to activate security policies. Tap Activate. 


Depending on the Android device you are using, an additional Airwatch service may need to be installed.
Tap OK if you are prompted to install an additional service. Then tap Install and then tap Activate.

If not continue with the next step.

Step 11: Once your device is enrolled and activated, you will see the Congratulations! You have successfully enrolled your device message flash momentarily.

Step 12: The screen will display device information once the AirWatch Agent has been activated.

Note: If you do not see Device Information, you will need to tap on the Device Information tab to see it.

Step 13: If your tablet screen is not secured with a password, you will be prompted to select a method to lock the screen.

The lock screen options are:

  • Pattern: Require a pattern to unlock the screen
  • PIN: Require a numeric PIN to unlock the screen
  • Password: Require a password to unlock the screen.

The device has been successfully enrolled with AirWatch and now is safe to continue with TouchDown Setup.