FastTEST Web: Frequently Asked Questions from Faculty

FastTEST Web: Frequently Asked Questions from Faculty

Undergraduate School Faculty - FastTEST Web Pilot

Why are we using FastTEST Web for creating and administering exams?

The purpose of this pilot is to determine whether this system offers features that will be useful for your classes, and to provide a basis for comparison when we can review the other options such as those that may be available in the new LMS. If, as a result of the pilot, we decide to enter into a longer contract with FastTEST Web, it will be just one option you will have to deliver timed, web-based assessments.

Can I create my own questions in FastTEST Web or alter existing questions?

No, currently permissions to create and edit test items are only granted to academic directors. If you have questions you would like to add or change, please contact your academic director to discuss the changes.

I have forgotten my password.

Go to the Fast Test Web Admin login page ( and click on Forgot your password? Enter your user ID (first initial and last name), and the characters displayed on the screen, and your password will sent to your faculty e-mail address.

I requested that my password be e-mailed to me, but I did not receive it.