Android Phone: How Do I Connect to Eduroam Wireless Network?

Android Phone: How Do I Connect to Eduroam Wireless Network?

Important: if you are faculty or staff and have not changed your MyUMUC password after 08/18/2012, you must change your password before connecting to eduroam!

Step 1
From the home screen, tap App Menu.
Step 2
From the Settings menu, tap Wi-Fi & Networks.

Note: your device Wi-Fi configuration setting's location may vary depending on make and model, please see your device's manual for further assistance to find the Wi-Fi settings.

Then tap on Wi-Fi Settings

Step 3

If Wi-Fi is off, tap the Wi-Fi to turn it on.(Wi-Fi is enabled when a green indicator is present or you see ON beside it).

Tap eduroam once it shows in the available network list.

Step 4

Make sure the following settings are configured:
EAP Method: PEAP
Phase 2 authentication: None
CA Certificate: (unspecified)
User Certificate: (unspecified)

Your username for eduroam is composed of two parts: your MyUMUC User Id and This is not the same as any email address you may have from the University of Maryland University College.

Then tap Connect.

  • In the Identity field enter your eduroam username: For example, if you login to MyUMUC as jdoe, you would enter
  • In the password field enter: Your MyUMUC Password
Step 5
Once your device joins the eduroam network, you will see Connected to eduroam or under eduroam the word Connected.