Polaris: Where is My Home Directory?

Polaris: Where is My Home Directory?

By default, when you log into Polaris, you will be placed at your home directory.

You may find you need to perform certain tasks as part of a class assignment that requires you do so while in your accounts home directory. These tasks include:

  • Setting up a forward file that automatically forwards email to another address
  • Setting home directory permissions for hosting web pages
  • Creating a www directory (web directory for your account) for hosting web pages
  • Setting the permissions on the www directory for hosting web pages
  • How is my home directory listed in Polaris?

    Example: If you are a faculty member, and your Polaris username is "jsmith4," your home directory will be /users/faculty/jsmith4

    How do I determine what directory I am currently in?

    At the Polaris prompt, type pwd (which stands for "present working directory"). Then press Enter and your present working directory will be displayed.

    If I am not at my home directory, how do I return to it?

    At the Polaris prompt, type cd (which stands for "change directory") and press Enter. When using the cd command by itself, you will automatically be taken back to your home directory from whatever location you may be currently in.

    To make sure that you are located at your home directory after using the cd command, type pwd and press Enter. This will once again display your present working directory.