TK20: How Do I Grade an Assignment or Project?

TK20: How Do I Grade an Assignment or Project?

Assignments can be graded from two locations:

The first location is the Assignments link in the side menu of the Courses tab. You can also grade assignments from the Activities sub-tab of a course in the My Courses section.

In either location, if there is an assignment that needs to be graded, the name of the assignment will be bold, and a red flag will appear to the left of the assignment name.

Note: The images shown in the instructions below will reflect assessment from the Assignments link in the side menu, but grading can be performed in an identical manner from either location.

Step 1

Click on Assignments in the side menu of the Courses tab.

Step 2

When the status for an assignment is Assessment Pending, the assignment information will be bold with a red flag to its left, indicating that there is a student submission that needs to be assessed. To view the assignment information, click on the Name of the assignment.

Step 3

The sub-tab farthest to the right will show basic information about the assignment. Beside the "Include in the Gradebook?" question, select "Yes" if you wish to be able to view grades for this assignment in the Gradebook of your course. In order to save your answer to this question, you will need to click the Save button.

You will also be able to change the weight of the assignment from this sub-tab, even after the assignment has been sent. If you would like the assignment automatically sent to students that may enroll in the course later, select "Yes" beside the "Automatically send to students enrolling after start date?" question.

Step 4

The Student Submissions sub-tab, which opens by default, allows you to view student submissions for the assignment.

Step 5

When a student has an assignment with a status of Open for Editing, this indicates that the student has not yet submitted the assignment. If a student has an assignment with a status of Assessment Pending, that student's information will be bold with a red flag to its left. Click on the Student name to view the student's submission.

Step 6

The student's submitted assignment will appear on the left side of the screen, while the assessment tool will appear on the right side. Click the Standards sub-tab on the left side of the screen to view standards that are attached to the assignment.

Step 7

Click on the Attach Artifacts sub-tab to display artifacts that are attached to the assignment. To view an artifact, click on its Name in blue.

Step 8

To view the contents of an artifact, you can click through the Basic and Documents sub-tabs.

Step 9

To view a document that is attached to the Documents sub-tab, click on its Title in blue.

When you click on the name of the document, it will open up on your computer using the program with which it was created (such as Microsoft Word).

Step 10

To return to the main view of the Attach Artifacts sub-tab, simply click the sub-tab. You can begin to assess the assignment at any time using the assessment tool on the right. If the assessment tool has a rubric-type of entry, fill in the radio button next to the desired score or check the N/A box for "Not Applicable."

Step 11

When you are finished entering in scores, click the Calculate Scores button. You will need to enter a Grade and then click Save in order to save your assessment.

This will return you to the Assessment Tools screen.

Step 12

If more rubrics are associated with the Assignment, click on their names to open and complete them. Once you are finished and have returned to the Assessment Tools screen, enter an Overall Grade and Score. Click Save to save without submitting your assessment, or Submit to submit the completed assessment to the student.

Step 13

Once the assignment has been graded, its status will change to Assessment Complete in the Student Submissions sub-tab and it will have a green checkmark to its left.