Polaris: How Do I Configure My Account for Publishing a Web Page?

Polaris: How Do I Configure My Account for Publishing a Web Page?

Before you can publish your Webpage to the Polaris server, you must first log into Polaris and configure your web folders. You will be creating a subfolder called www in your account on Polaris – this is the web directory for your account. Only files within this www folder will be visible to Web browsers. Therefore, all of your .html and graphic files (.jpg, .gif, .jpg, etc.) will go into this folder. To prepare your UNIX account to host your webpage, follow these steps:

Step 1

Log into your account using an ssh client such as PortaPuTTy.

Step 2

Grant world search access on your home directory. This is needed to allow web users to read your web files. Make sure that you type the period (.) as shown in the example. Press Enter at the end of each command:

Polaris> cd (This will ensure you are located in your accounts home directory). UNIX does not respond to every command - the silence means it worked.)

Polaris> chmod 711 . (Don't forget the period on the end of the command!)

Step 3

Create a directory named www under your home directory. This is where all files for your web page will go. You will need to grant world search access to this directory as well:

Polaris> mkdir www
Polaris> chmod 711 www
Polaris> exit

Your Polaris account is now set up to host your web page(s).