LEO: How Do I - Recalculate Final Grade if "Automatically Keep Final Grades Updated" is Not Selected (Faculty)

You can use adjusted final grades to apply a bell curve or to raise the final grade of a user who was sick. Whether the adjusted final grade is released to students depends on the Final Grade Released option you chose when setting up your grade book. (The Enter Grades page also contains an area to enter final adjusted grades for students. )

Recalculate One Grade

Step 1:
Click MyTools on the navigation bar and then click Grades from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Click the student's name whose grade you want to recalculate.

Step 3: In the Final Grade section, click the Recalculate the Final Adjusted Grade icon.

Step 4: Click a checkbox next to the grade items that you want to include in the adjusted final grade, and then click Calculate.

Recalculate All Grades

Step 1:
 To recalculate all grades, on the Enter Grades page, click Grade All from the Final Calculated Grade (scroll to the right) context menu.

Step 2: On the Final Grades page, select Recalculate All from the Final Grades context menu.

Step 3: Select either Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade, and then click Calculate.