LEO: How Do I - Hide a Discussion Forum or Topic (Faculty)

Hidden topics do not display on the Discussions List page, except to those with permission to see hidden forums and topics or to manage discussions. By hiding topics, you can control which topics students can access at different times throughout the course. For example, you can create weekly discussion topics for students to reflect on the material covered in each week of the course and make each topic available for one week only.

You can specify start and end dates for a forum or topic visibility ahead of time to align with your course calendar.

TIP: Instead of scheduling a topic to disappear as soon as you want the discussion to end, consider locking the topic and keeping it visible. This allows students to review the discussion after it closes.

Hide a Forum or Topic:

Step 1

From the Course Home page, click Discussions from the navigation bar.

Step 2

On the Discussions List page, click Edit Forum or Edit Topic from the context menu you want to hide. You can also set visibility options when creating a new forum or topic.

Step 3

In the Availability section of the Properties tab (click Show forum visibility options if options are not visible), select the options you want:

  • To hide the forum or topic immediately: Select Hide this forum or Hide this topic. The forum or topic remains hidden until you select Forum is always visible or Topic is always visible again.
  • To hide the forum or topic until a certain date or after a certain date: Select Forum is visible for a specific date range or Topic is visible for a specific date range, then select Has Start Date or Has End Date to specify the dates.

Optional: Display in Calendar

Step 4

Click Save.