LEO: How Do I - Lock a Discussion Forum or Topic? (Faculty)

Locking a topic prevents students from posting new messages or modifying existing messages, essentially making the conversation read-only. Students with permission can modify the contents of a locked topic. Locking a topic is an effective way of closing a conversation while allowing students to refer back to messages.You can specify a start and end date for when a forum or topic unlocks so you can set it up ahead of time to coordinate with your course calendar.

TIP: Consider locking a topic to end a conversation, then use a pinned message to post a summary inside the topic. Then, when students access the locked topic, your summary appears at the top.

Step 1 
Click Discussions on the course navigation area. 
Step 2 
On the Discussions List page, click Edit from the context menu of the forum or topic you want to hide.

You can also set visibility options when creating a new forum or topic.
Step 3 
In the Locking section of the Properties tab. Click Show Locking Options if options are not visible. Select the options you want: 
  • To lock the forum or topic immediately, select Lock forum or Lock topic. The forum or topic will remain locked until you select Unlock forum or Unlock topic.
  • To make the forum or topic available within a date range, select Unlock forum or Unlock topic for a specific date range. Select Has Start Date or Has End Date and enter calendar dates to automatically open and close a discussion.
  • Check Display in Calendar. (Optional)
Step 4 
Click Save and Close.