LEO: How Do I - Create a Self-Assessment Question or an Information Item


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This article will describe how to create a self-assessment question or an information item.

Step 1
From the course homepage, click on My Tools and select Self Assessments from the drop down menu.
Self Assessments option 

Step 2

Click Question Library from the tool navigation.

Question Library button

Step 3
In the Question Library or the Add/Edit Questions areas of the Self-Assessments tool, click New and select the question type or information item you want to create. See Self-assessment question types for detailed information about creating each question type and information item.

New button and options 
Self-Assessment feedback and hints
All question types allow you to include Feedback and Hints. Feedback enables you to provide added information as a basis for improving content comprehension. Hints are useful for suggesting how to approach a question.

Since self-assessments are not graded and have no point value, we recommend that you provide feedback comments for each self-assessment question. You can provide feedback at the end of a question or in some question types (like multiple choice), you can provide feedback for each answer choice within the question. You can use feedback comments to indicate correct and incorrect answers, where a correct answer can be found in the course content, and what details instructors are looking for in an ideal answer.