LEO: How Do I - Create Small Group Discussions (Faculty)

Step 1

From the Course Home page click Discussions.

Step 2

From the Discussions List page, click the New drop-down menu and select New Forum.

Step 3

Enter a name for the forum in the Title box. You may add an optional Description summarizing the purpose of the forum.

NOTE: Add text only in the description box. The option to add objects, pictures, and videos will return an error message.

Step 4

Availability allows you to set the dates for when the forum is visible to the students.

Locking Options allows you to set dates to automatically lock or unlock the forum.

Step 5

Click Save and Add Topic.

Step 6

Enter a name for the new topic in the Title box.

Optional: Add a Description summarizing the purpose of the discussion topic.

Step 7

You can set the following topic options via Step 4. Click Save.

Step 8

Click the Restrictions tab under the topic heading.

Step 9

Under Group and Section Restrictions, click the Hide/Show Topic Group and Section Restrictions drop down area.

Check the box Restrict this forum to the following groups and sections.

Click Add Groups and Sections.

Step 10

From the resulting pop-up window, check the group or groups that you want to access to the discussion. Click Add.

Step 11

Click Save and Close.