LEO: How Do I - Add a Rubric Assessment to a Learning Objective Associated to an Assignment Folder (Faculty)


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If your class menu looks like this, click here. This feature is not available in classes that look like this.

Navigation Bar View 

Step 1: Click Assignments on the navigation bar.

Step 2: On the Assignment page, click the drop-down arrow of the folder that contains the learning objective you want to associate with an assessment. 
Click Edit Folder.    

Step 3: Click Objectives.    

Step 4: Click the drop-down menu for the objective you wish to add a rubric assessment to.
Click Add Assessment.    

Step 5: Click Select Rubric.    

Step 6: Select a rubric and click Save.  

Step 7: Select a Criteria from the drop-down list.
To make the activity required, select The Activity is required to complete learning objective check box, and then select a level from the Threshold drop-down list.
Click Save.

Step 8: Click Save and Close.