WebEx: How Do I - Create a Meeting Online

  • Use the one-page Quick Scheduler. Simply enter a few details and you are ready to host your meeting.
  • Looking for more meeting options, such as adding additional security?
    • Use the Advanced Scheduler. Enter the level of detail you need. You can schedule or start the meeting from any page in the wizard. For details, see How do Create a Meeting Using the Advanced Scheduler.
  • Want to reuse the information you saved in the scheduler?
    • You do not have to type in the same information every time you set up a meeting. If the meeting recurs on a regular basis, with the same attendees, you can set up a whole series of meetings. If the meeting details (such as attendees, meeting options) are constant, you can save those details in a template, which you can apply to any meeting you schedule.

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://webex.umuc.edu.
  2. Click the My WebEx tab.
  3. The University of Maryland University College Single Sign-on will open in a new page where you will enter your MyUMUC login credentials and click LOG IN
    • In the Username field: Your MyUMUC Username
    • In the Password field: Your MyUMUC Password
  4. Once logged in; click the Meeting Center tab, click Host a Meeting located on the left-hand menu, and then click Schedule a Meeting
  1. If you see the Advanced Scheduler (page titled Required Information), click the link to display the Quick Scheduler. Set up a meeting quickly, using this one-page scheduler. Click Start Now