WebEx: How Do I - Set Up a Recurring Meeting

For a meeting that occurs on a regular basis, such as a monthly company meeting or weekly status meeting, you can set up a recurring meeting. You set up the meeting one time and include the email addresses of attendees, the teleconferencing details, the time and interval (for instance, daily, weekly, or monthly). You send out one invitation for the entire series.

  1. Open a web browser and go to https://webex.umuc.edu.
  2. Click the My WebEx tab.
  3. The University of Maryland University College Single Sign-on will open in a new page where you will enter your MyUMUC login credentials the click LOG IN
    • In the Username field: Your MyUMUC Username
    • In the Password field: Your MyUMUC Password
  4. Once logged in; click the Meeting Center tab, click Host a Meeting located on the left-hand menu, and then click Schedule a MeetingThe Schedule a meeting Wizard appears, showing the Required Information page. If you see the Quick Scheduler (page titled Schedule a Meeting), click the link to display the Advanced Scheduler.
  1. Follow the same steps for creating a meeting using the Advance Scheduler, and then select a Recurrence (Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly) once you are setting up the Date and Time

Note: Click here to see information about the options for a recurring meeting.
  1. Add other details about your recurring meeting.
  1. When you have finished scheduling your meeting, click Schedule or Start