LEO: How Do I - Attach Files to a New Forum or Topic (Faculty)

Step 1

Click Discussions in the course navigation area.

Then, click the Discussions List tab and select New Forum or New Topic from the drop-down menu.

If you choose New Topic, then select the Forum where the topic will be created.

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Step 2

Under Edit Forum Details, enter a Title and a Description.

To attach a file, click the Insert Stuff menu button.


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Step 3

On the Insert Stuff window, click Choose File to browse your computer for the file you wish to attach. 

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Step 4

Next, click on the Choose Destination button to determine where the file should be saved.

On the next screen, click Select a Path.

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Step 5

You will be returned to the Insert Stuff screen.

Click Upload in the bottom left corner of the Insert Stuff window.

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Step 6

On the next screen, enter text to display in the Link Text box.

Click Refresh Preview to see how the link text will appear in your class.

Step 7

Once complete, click Insert in the bottom left corner of the Insert Stuff window.

Step 8

Click Save and Close at the bottom left corner of the window.