LEO: How Do I - Attach Files to a New Discussion Message

Step 1

From the Course Home page, click Discussions in the top navigation bar.

Click Start a New Thread to create a new message.

Step 2

Type a message and click Add Attachments.

Choose from three options for attaching documents or images:

  • Upload
  • Choose Existing
  • Drag and Drop

Step 3

For the upload option, select Upload.  Select the location of your file on your computer and select Open to upload the file.


If you select the Choose Existing button, a window opens for you to browse to your Locker or a Group Locker. Selecting either will display all files saved to the locker.


You can Drag and Drop in the area as noted by the red arrow in the image. Once the file is ready for drop, the area will highlight in green for you to release the file.

Step 4

The files you select are now uploaded and will display under the Attachments section of the compose message window.

You can also remove files from this area by selecting the X next to the document you wish to remove.

Step 5

Click Post to publish the message.