LEO: How Do I - Attach Files to an Existing Discussion Message

Step 1

Navigate to the message you wish to edit and click the down button next to your name.

Step 2

Select Edit Post in the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Expand the Add Attachments section to access the Upload, Record Audio, and Choose Existing buttons.

Upload allows you to upload a file from your computer.

Record Audio allows you to record audio through your class.

Choose Existing allows you attach a file that you have stored in your class.

Step 4

If you click Upload, you will be prompted to select a file from your computer through the Windows Explorer. Choose a file and then click Open.

If you click Record Audio, you will be prompted to record your audio. Click the Record button to start recording your audio.

If you click Choose Existing, you will have the ability to choose files from the Course Offering Files, My Locker, or Group Locker. Select which area you would like to get the file from and then check the checkbox next to the files you would like to attach to the message. Click the Add button to attach the files to the message.

Step 5

Click the Update button to add the file to the message.