VDA : How Do I - Configure FileZilla for Transferring Files

VDA: How Do I - Configure FileZilla for Transferring Files


Filezilla is not available in the workspace.  Students can email files to themselves, save files in their Google drives, or re-open the classroom in the workspace itself to upload assignments


FileZilla is a free file management tool for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) used to transfer files compter to a remote computer.

Step 1

Locate and open the FileZilla application.

Step 2

The application will open as displayed.

Step 3

You will need to enter the following information into the appropriate fields on the FileZilla Quickconnect bar:

  • Host: the IP address of the host computer you are trying to connect to (ie.10.x.x.x)
  • Username: the name of the Unix account attempting to connect to the remote host computer
  • Password: the UNIX User account Password must be entered into this field
  • Port : the port number should be 22

Select Quickconnect

Step 4

Once you’ve successfully connected to the host machine, the right-pane should be populated with a list of files and directories.

To upload files, you’ll need to drag the file(s) to be uploaded in the left-pane to the right-pane.

Step 5

You may be prompted to enter the password again.

Step 6

Drag the files located in the left-hand pane to the area in the right-hand pane.