LEO: How Do I – Create a Survey (Faculty)


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If your class menu looks like this, click here. This feature is not available in classes that look like this.

Navigation Bar View 

Step 1: Click Course Admin on the navigation bar.
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Step 2: Under the Assessment section select Surveys.


Step 3: Click the New Survey button.


Step 4: Under the Properties tab, name your survey, and then select the Add/Edit Questions button.


Step 5: Select the New button and then select a question type from the drop-down list


Step 6: Enter your question in the text box. Select Preview to view as a student would see the question. Select Done in the Preview dialog and then click Save to save your question.


Step 7: When you have finished editing questions, select the Done Editing Questions button.


To activate your survey, select the Restrictions tab, and change the status to Active. You can also set optional start and end dates for your survey. Once completed, select Save and Close.


Your survey will now appear under current surveys.