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Mobile Devices: Close All Safari Tabs and Clear Safari Browser Cache in iOS 7

Mobile Devices: How Do I – Close All Safari Tabs and Clear Safari Browser Cache in iOS 7
This article contains two procedures that work for the iOS operating system. The first procedure provides instructions for simultaneously closing all open tabs in your Safari browser. The second procedure provides instructions for clearing cache in the Safari browser.

Procedure 1 - Simultaneously Close All Open Tabs in Safari


Step 1
Launch Safari to view your currently opened tabs, and then tap on the Private button at the bottom of the screen.User-added image
Step 2
You will be prompted with a message asking if you want to keep the current tabs open, or close them before private browsing is enabled – select Close All.User-added image
Procedure 2 – Clear Safari browser cache

Step 1
Click on Settings from the Home page.User-added image
Step 2
Scroll down until you see Safari. Tap it to bring up the option page.User-added image
Step 3
Click Clear Cookies and Data – a pop-up box will appear.User-added image
Step 4
Click Clear Cookies and Data again to confirm your choice.User-added image