How Do I - Access Realizeit

How Do I- Access Realizeit
Realizeit is an adaptive learning platform that lets students personalize their web-based learning experience to increase their knowledge and learning success. Realizeit delivers content and questions based on each student’s performance within the platform.

Students enrolled in FINC 330, ACCT 220 and ACCT 221 (Fall 2016) will use Realizeit to complete course work during weeks two and three. 

Step 1 
From the Course Home page, click Content. Then, click Week 2 or Week 3.

Step 2
Click the link for Realizeit.

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Step 3
You will be presented with a page similar to one shown in the image below.

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 Step 4
 Click the Determine Knowledge button.


Step 5
You will be presented with a series of questions. Enter an answer for each question and click the Next Question button. 

Note: You can not progress to the next question without entering an answer.
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If you answer a question correctly, you will see an icon with a red X indicating which question was incorrectly answered.

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Step 6
After answering all of the questions, the platform will guide you to your next steps.
Realizeit – Technical Requirements
The Realizeit system is a browser-based application; no special plug-ins or additional software are required.

Supported Browsers:

  • IE 9 and above
  • Safari
  • Chrome (with auto updates)
  • Firefox (with auto updates)
Note: Some content may require Adobe Flash player.