FAQ: RealizeIT for FINC 330 and ACCT 220 (Students)

RealizeIT Frequently Asked Questions (Students)

I am not certain I am going to have reliable access to RealizeIt. My access at work is intermittent as well. I don’t know what to do. I am unable to do the homework.
Students must have reliable access to be in an online course. It would not be any different if the course was not using Realizeit given that we present the homework online, too. Students in these situations must consider if they can effectively complete their courses. Student advisors are available to discuss such matters.

What happens when I indicate that my answer was incorrectly marked as wrong?
Your instructor will be notified and provide information to you to help resolve the discrepancy. If there is an error with the question itself, you will be able to redo the question after it is fixed.

Can I keep practicing the questions even though I have 100%? I’m not sure how to start the questions a second time. *Note: This question is only applicable to FINC 330.
Yes, you can continue to revise and practice. In fact, the system is likely encouraging this in the next steps area. Students should select the node to practice and choose questions.
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Where are the learning materials; how do I get there?
Click the link RealizeIT in the weekly classroom module. This takes you to Realizeit
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Next, review “First Step" on the left to determine Knowledge and complete the pre-assessment. After answering the questions your learning path/map will appear and next steps be presented.   
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I cannot access RealizeITat all; what should I do?
Use the Help link in the LEO classroom. The UMUC help staff have been informed about Realizeit and are prepared to help.

I can’t see the Check Answer button when I’m in the questions.
Close the two windows on the right: Lesson metrics and Extras
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