LEO: Course Map Overview for CMIT 202, 265, 320, and 350


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The Course Map is a visual representation of the steps needed to successfully complete learning demonstrations. The Course Map helps students and instructors with the pacing of the course. 

Core Activities:

  • LabSim consists of a series of videos and lectures. You will complete a lab exercise at the end of each section.

  • Drafts Sections represent the different parts of your final written project.                                

  • Practice Exam is designed to prepare you for the certification exam.  You are encouraged to attempt the exam during your first week but you can also retake it later in the course.  The highest grade will count toward the final grade in the course.

  • Final Written Project is your final deliverable for the course.

Course Maps for CMIT 202, CMIT 265, CMIT 320 & CMIT 350 

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