Lumen Mastery: Introduction

The following courses will be using Lumen Mastery Courseware, a new set of digital course materials designed using open educational resources (OER) instead of a traditional textbooks.

  • BMGT 110: 6380, 6381, 7980, 7986
  • ECON 201: 6380, 7983
  • ECON 203: 6380, 7983
  • MRKT 310: 4060, 6383, 6385, 6386, 7981, 7982, 7983

This courseware is different from most others:
  • There is no separate textbook. Everything you need is here in your learning management system. No online access code is required.
  • Learning outcomes are clear throughout the course. Every learning activity is linked directly to something you need to know or do to succeed in this course.
  • Students receive guidance on where to focus their attention. As you complete self-check questions and quizzes, you’ll get feedback on which areas need more attention.
  • You can take graded quizzes twice. Quizzes can help you learn. If you don’t like your first quiz score, you can keep studying and retake it. The higher score counts.

Each week, students must complete a module i
n the Lumen environment . Each module is outlined by a study plan, which is presented at the beginning of each module.


Students must complete a series of readings, videos, and practices quizzes as well as one final quiz to complete the module. 





Lumen Mastery courseware was created with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through the Next Generation Courseware Challenge. This courseware is part of a research project exploring how well students perform using Lumen Mastery materials compared to what’s been used in other course sections. Learning data will be used to analyze what’s working, what’s not working, and how to improve the educational experience Lumen Mastery provides. Individuals using the courseware will be asked to provide consent to use their data for research purposes. Completing this form is one of the course assignments.