My FAFSA was selected for Verification. How long does this process take?

The Verification process can differ for each student. Once you submit all required documentation to the Financial Aid Office (and these items no longer appear on your 'To-Do List'), your application will typically be reviewed the following week. During this review process, the financial aid office will contact you if they need additional information or clarification.  In some cases, the Financial Aid Office will need to update your FAFSA based on the information you provided. In this scenario, UMUC submits corrections to the Department of Education. Once the Department of Education processes those corrections, we will award you in 2-3 days. It typically takes 3-5 days for the Department of Education to process corrections. If corrections are not needed and the office is able to verify your file based on the information you provided, your file will typically be awarded in 2-3 days.