Associate of Arts Degrees (AA Degrees): Stateside Military AA Degrees & FAQs

Question: Does the University of Maryland University College offer Stateside Associate of Arts (AA) degrees?

Answer: Associate of Arts Degrees are available to the following individuals:

  • All active-duty service members and their spouses
  • Members of the National Guard
  • Reservist
  • Veterans
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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Eligibility Requirements for Stateside (Adelphi) AA Degree Programs
  1. Who is eligible to enroll in the Adelphi AA degree programs?
    Active-duty service members and their spouses, members of the National Guard, Reservists and Veterans.

  1. Will all military spouses whether a spouse of active duty or not be allowed to enroll?
    No, only the spouse of an active-duty service member is eligible. 

  2. What type of documentation will be required to prove military affiliation?
    Any documentation showing proof of active service or past service will be required for eligible students to enroll in the AA degree programs.

  1. Will dependent children of military personnel and veterans be allowed to enroll?
    Not at this point in time.

  2. Will there be a lower cost/credit hour for AA degree courses?
    No, the tuition will remain at the current in-state and out-of-state rates as well as the military rate.

  1. Does the University of Maryland University College AA degrees fulfill the requirements for MYCAA funding?
    Many of them do.  Please refer to the MYCAA webpage at

    Note: Students should also contact the MYCAA administrators to discuss in detail whether or not their chosen AA program of study is eligible for MYCAA funding.

  1. Will the University be developing additional AA degree programs?
    Not at this point in time.

  2. If a spouse and/or veteran is currently enrolled in a BS degree at the University of Maryland University College, will he/she be able to add an AA degree to his/her program plan?
    A student should be able to add an additional plan of AA.  It would either be handled at the time of admissions or if the request is made through the student’s advisor.

    Addendum: There are some additional considerations, however, if the student is utilizing financial aid:

    First, the technicalities – It depends on the set-up and primacy rules in PeopleSoft.  If the student is working on the AA and BA/BS simultaneously, the BA will take priority and have primacy; therefore the student will have loan limits based on that degree. The reverse would be true if the rules are set-up in such a way that the AA has primacy.
    Second, the consequences – new 150% loan eligibility rules were put into place last year that are very complicated.  Basically, if a student completes a longer program first (in this case, a BA/BS), then reverts back to a shorter program (in this case, the AA), then they would likely have no remaining loan eligibility for the AA program work.
    * All questions regarding how a student’s financial aid may be affected when adding an AA degree to an existing BS program plan must be referred directly to the Financial Aid Office.

  1. Will front-line staff on military installations be able to actively market AA degree programs?
    Front-line staff may only actively market the programs as listed in the memorandum of understanding (MOU) if one exists with the particular installation.  The majority of military installations have local community colleges with an existing MOU.  However, if a prospective student enters a University of Maryland University College office to inquire about AA program availability, staff may direct these students to the University's online AA programs. 

  2. When will the website and Catalog be updated to reflect this new opportunity?
    The website is currently updated. The catalog will be updated for the next academic year.

  1. On a strategic level, should we still promote and encourage our alliance partner schools on military installations?
    If the local community college is the better choice for a prospective student, then the prospect should be encouraged to attend that institution.

  1. Regarding eligibility and outreach, if an active student did not previously qualify for admission to an AA degree program, will he/she be allowed to pursue the AA under their original catalog year?
    As long as a student maintains continuous enrollment of two years taking a course, then  he/she would stay under the original catalog requirements.  However, if the student breaks enrollment, then requirements under the catalog in effect at the time of application would apply.

  1. Scholarships are currently for bachelor’s degree (and higher) seeking students.  Now that University will be offering the opportunity for military-affiliated students to obtain their associates, will scholarship opportunities be offered to eligible students seeking associate degrees?
    This is to be determined.  Military Partnerships leadership will be meeting with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Financial Aid to discuss potential scholarship opportunities for students enrolled in AA degree programs.