Tuition Assistance (TA): What is the third-party billing process and how can I contact the third-party billing department?

Many companies and organizations offer Tuition Assistance (TA) programs to retain employees and develop their knowledge and skills. If you are an employee of the federal government or an active-duty service member, you may be eligible for tuition assistance.

Your agency must agree to pay UMUC directly upon receipt of invoice. Invoices are sent to agencies each semester after the schedule adjustment period (about one month after the session start date). Invoices are created in advance upon request of the authorizing official.

Agencies are sent three invoices:

  • First Invoice: This invoice includes two copies of the invoice, one copy of each tuition assistance form, and an Agency Payment form.
  • Late Notice: A late notice is sent 30 days after the original with a Dunning Letter. Dunning letters inform the agency that the invoice is still unpaid and the charges are in jeopardy of being reinstated back to the student’s account. At this time, we send an email to the students, informing them that their agency has not paid the tuition assistance invoice. The agency will have 30 days to submit payment.
  • Final Late Notice: Final notice is sent 30 days after the late notice with a final notice Dunning Letter. The final notice Dunning letter states that we will reinstate the charges back to the student’s account in the event the balance is not paid. The agency is given the reinstatement date and 30 days to submit payment.

Students can contact the Third Party Billing Department as follows:

Fax: 301-985-7858
Mail:  University of Maryland University College
           Attn: Third Party Accounts - Suite #2241
           3501 University Blvd.
           Adelphi, MD 20783