Parchment: Browser Compatibility Policy – University of Maryland University College Transcript Requests

Due to the expanding nature of Web Browsers, Parchment has created a browser policy.

This policy communicates our process for supporting new browsers.

There are two classes of browser versions for Parchment:

Tested and Supported: These browsers will be fully tested prior to release and supported post product deployment. Defects will be created against these browsers

Accessible: These browsers will be available for use, but the end-user may notice that the product functions or displays in unexpected ways

Browsers are added to these two categories based on our client usage. If more than 10% of our Parchment members access their solution via a select browser, the browser version will be Tested and Supported. All other browsers will be Accessible.

Customers will be notified via 90-day notice whenever a browser version is moved from Tested and Supported to Accessible.

Tested and Supported Browsers

Tested and Supported Browsers

  •  Google Chrome 31 & 30
  •  Mozilla Firefox 25
  •  Apple Safari 7
  •  Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 & 9

Note: Browsers running in compatibility

          mode are excluded.

Accessible Browsers

Accessible Browsers


  • All other versions of Google Chrome
  • All other versions of Apple Safari
  • All other versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • All other versions of Mozilla Firefox
  • All versions of Android Browser
  • All versions of Amazon Silk
  • All versions of Opera/Opera Mini
  • All versions running in compatibility mode




  • Use a desktop or laptop only (no tablets)
  •  Use a Chrome browser when accessing, if possible
  •  Ensure pop up blocker is off
  •  Use an unsecured browser (no strong security settings or government site)