Purchase Computer Hardware and Software via ECI/On The Hub Store: Discounted Prices for Students, Faculty, and Staff

The Educational Computing Initiative (ECI, aka On The Hub store) is a partnership with leading manufacturers and the University System of Maryland (USM) to offer discounts on personal purchases of high-quality desktop and laptop computers for students, faculty, and staff, in a price structure that offers the best possible value.

(I.) Make a selection below to visit the website of a participating manufacturer where you can shop for a system that is right
      for you

(II.) University of Maryland University College students, faculty members, and staff have two online options for purchasing software (such as Microsoft Office) for personal computers at discounted prices: (a) Option #1 - Educational Computing Initiative web site and (b) Option #2 - Access ECI via MyUMUC.

(a) Option #1 - Educational Computing Initiative web site

  1. Click on the following link: Educational Computing Initiative
  2. On the resulting page, click on the Sign In link, located at the top-right portion of the screen and log in using your University of Maryland University College SSO login credentials.

(III.) Faculty members and staff can also purchase software in person at the University of Maryland College Park’s
         Terrapin Technology Store

he Office & Windows products are good for the life of the machine. That being said, the users only have access to the product key for 31 days. This is due to security purposes. After the 31 days, we do not delete/destroy the key; however, we do have to store them securely, again, for security reasons.

When ordering one of these products, the user is offered Extended Access Guarantee (EAG) for a small fee. When purchased, the user will have access to the product key for 2 years. If EAG was not ordered and the user requires their key after 31 days, they will have to Purchase Access Guarantee Retrieval, which will extend their access to the key for 2 months. At any point during the period where the student still has access to the key, they can make a back-up. Our system will not expire a user’s Office/Windows after the key has been used as the key activates a perpetual version.