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Connection Instructions for UMUC Students, Faculty and Staff

Note: Before using Eduroam for the first time, faculty and staff must change their MyUMUC passwords. This is a one-time requirement. Go to MyUMUC, and select "Recover Password." See detailed instructions on changing your password. After this step is complete, you may connect to Eduroam.

How to connect with

Note: Participating institutions are responsible for the strength of their networks and any technical issues related to their networks. UMUC IT Support may not be able to assist if you experience connection issues at other institutions.

Connection Instructions for Faculty and Staff at UMUC Locations

While at UMUC locations, we recommend faculty and staff use UMUC’s networks instead of Eduroam to ensure access to additional resources, such as printers and servers. Learn more about connecting to UMUC networks.

If you have recently used your Apple device to log into a wireless network, you may need to change your phone's Wi-Fi settings before connecting to a new network. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi. Select the network you are not using anymore, then choose Forget this Network. You should now be able to connect to a new network.

Connection Instructions for Visitors to UMUC

Log in to the Eduroam network using the credentials from your home institution.