How To ...

 Google Mail and Calendar

Google Chat

Google Chat is available within the Google Mail Web interface and allows you to send and receive instant messages in real time with anyone in your list of contacts.

Google Talk

The Google Talk desktop client for Windows lets you send and receive instant messages without having to log in to your account via the Web. Google Talk is installed on UMUC-owned Windows computers. You may also download it for your personal Windows computer.  Log in with your full UMUC e-mail address and your MyUMUC password. Google Talk software is not available for Apple Macintosh computers.  Instead, Macintosh users may use Google Chat in the Google Mail interface, or they can use iChat to exchange messages with colleagues who use Google Talk.

Google Drive

Google Drive enables you to create and share documents with anyone, including other faculty, staff, students and even people you may need to collaborate with outside of the UMUC community. Google Drive is accessible at and with the free Google Drive mobile app. Also, you can choose to configure Google Drive software on your computer that will enable you to drag and drop any file to your Google Drive. The software automatically syncs all content with your Google Drive account in the cloud, providing you access to your documents from any device.

Google Sites

Google Sites makes creating a Web site as easy as writing a document. Use a Google template to customize the look and feel of your site. Add photos, documents and other media directly onto your pages.