Sorting, Saving, and Emailing Your Search Results in catalogUSMAI

Run time: 8:08 | Transcript | Last updated: 8/2/2012


Welcome to Sorting, Saving, and E-mailing Your Search Results in catalogUSMAI.

This presentation will show you how to use catalogUSMAI's select, basket, and my saved items features to select items from your search results, compile them into lists, and save or email those lists to yourself for future reference.

For an overview of the catalog's basic features, please see our presentation An Introduction to catalogUSMAI, which can be found on the library's Books and Media help page.

A link to catalogUSMAI can be found on the Information and Library Services homepage.

Click on books and media from library homepage.

It is recommended that you use Microsoft Explorer to search catalogUSMAI, as some search and save features will not work correctly with other browsers.

The first feature we'll cover is the select feature.

Each time you perform a search in catalogUSMAI,you'll receive a list of results similar to this one.

Next to each item in the list, you'll see a check box.

You can use these check boxes to select items from a list of search results that you'd like to consult later.

Clicking on the select all button will select all items in a list.

Once you have selected items from your list of search results, you can view or modify your list of selected titles by clicking on the view selected button.

After clicking view selected, you will see a description of the first item in your list of selections.

Click on the next record button to page through the list of items.

You can deselect individual items by unchecking the box next to the desired item or deselect the entire list by clicking on the deselect all button.

At any time while you are selecting items, you can change the order of items in the search results list by clicking on the sort options links.

Your search results can automatically be arranged chronologically by year, and within each year by author. You can use these links to arrange alphabetically by author or title or to group results by format.

Once you have selected a list of items, you can save it to your desktop or email it to yourself by clicking on the save/email link.

Lists of selected items will be erased each time you begin a new search so they must be emailed or saved if you want to consult them later.

Clicking on the save/email button will take you to this form To email a list of selected items to yourself first enter your email address in the email field.

Next, select the amount of information about your items that you'd like to be included in your email.

We recommend selecting citation, which provides you with a brief description of each item, including author, title, and library call number.

You can also email your results as a file that can be imported into citation management software such as EndNote, ProCite, or the online citation manager RefWorks, which is available to UMUC students, faculty, and staff through Information & Library Services.

For more information about using emailed citation information from catalogUSMAI to build bibliographies in RefWorks, please see the library's RefWorks page, which includes an online tutorial. It can be linked to from the library's homepage.

You can use these checkboxes to create your own format by choosing the information about your selected items that you'd like emailed to you.

Finally, you have the option of entering a subject for your email, your name, and a brief note describing its contents.

All of these fields are optional and can be left blank if you prefer, however when you have entered the information you want, click on send An email containing a list of the items you selected from your search results will be sent to you.

You can also use the save/email form to save a list of selected items directly to your desktop if you are working at your own computer.

To do this, leave the email field blank, select a format for item descriptions, and click on the send button.

To save the list of selected items to your desktop, click on confim.

Click on save.

You will need to manually change the extension of the save file from .sav to .doc in order to open it with Microsoft Word.

Next we'll cover using catalogUSMAI's basket feature.

Unlike select, basket allows you to build a list of selected items from multiple searches, and to see a list of the items you've selected that appears on a single page, rather than one that must be paged through item by item.

To add items to the basket, select items from your list of search results and then click on the add to basket button.

You can see a list of items in the basket by clicking on the basket link.

Clicking on the basket link will show you the items you've selected.

You can see more information about each item by clicking on the full view link next to it or delete an item from the list by clicking on the delete link.

You can clear the entire list by clicking on the delete all link.

Clicking on the save/email link will take you to the form we saw earlier.

The process for saving and emailing your results from the basket is the same as it is when using the select function. The list of items in your basket will be deleted at the end of each session, so it must be saved or emailed if you want to consult it later.

Finally, we will cover how to save a list of items directly to the catalogUSMAI site using the catalog's my saved items feature so it can be accessed at a later date. This feature requires users to sign in using a library barcode.

Items saved using this feature will be saved to a list accessible only from your account, and available whenever you sign in to catalogUSMAI.

To use my account, click on the sign in link on the catalog's main search page.

You will be taken to this form, where you will enter your barcode and your last name.

Once you have signed in, and performed your search, items may be added to your list of saved items by clicking on the title of an item.

From an item's description, you can add it to your list of saved items by clicking on the add to my saved items link.

You will be taken to this form, where you have the option of creating folders within your list of saved items.

To create a folder, enter a title into the folder name field and click on send.

After clicking send, the item will automatically be saved to your list and placed within the designated folder.

The folder name you entered will then appear in this pulldown menu, and can be used to store additional items.

The form also gives you the option of adding a brief note about each item.

To add a note, enter it in this field before clicking on send.

Your list of saved items can be seen by clicking on the saved items link.

Clicking on saved items will take you to a list of your items, arranged by folder.

As in the catalog's basket feature, you can see more information about an item by clicking on the full view links.

Delete a single item by clicking on the delete links or all selected items by clicking on the delete all link.

You can also email your list of saved items to yourself, or save the list as a document on your desktop.

Finally, you can change the folder an item is saved in or the note you added to an item by clicking on the update link next to each item.

This concludes our introduction to sorting, saving, and emailing your search results in catalogUSMAI. Thank you very much for watching this presentation, and be sure to contact the library if you have any questions.