An Introduction to catalogUSMAI

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Welcome to catalogUSMAI.

The University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions, U-S-M-A-I, consists of 16 institutions located in the state of Maryland.

Catalog USMAI is the online library catalog of the libraries of the U-S-M-A-I institutions.

Catalog USMAI contains records of items available in the U-S-M-A-I libraries, including books, journals, government documents, maps, videos, and more. There are links in the catalog to online materials such as government documents, as well as to “Find It”, which will provide you with a list of helpful links such as e-books and full-text journals, and services such as book reviews and reference help.

A link to catalogUSMAI can be found on the Information and Library Services Web site.

A record in catalogUSMAI contains information such as author, title, location, and subject headings.

Common ways to search the catalog include keyword searches, title searches, and author searches. A keyword search allows you to search several parts of a record at once, including author, title and subject headings.

A keyword should be a word that is essential to what you are looking for. It can be a word from your research topic or in some cases a title word or even an author's name. In this example, we can select management and cross-cultural.

To do a keyword search, first select word/s anywhere . Next, enter a keyword or a phrase into the text box on the basic search page. If you have several keywords or keyword phrases, combine them using the word AND or the word OR. Next, click search.

Because this is a keyword search, all of the items found may not be relevant. Browse the list to find items that look interesting.

To look up items by a known author, select author beginning with in the drop-down menu. Next, enter the name of the author in the text box next to the drop-down menu. Enter the last name first, followed by the first name. It does not matter if you use upper or lower case letters. Separate last name and first name with a comma. Next, click on search.

The next page will contain a list of 10 results that may contain matches for Richard Mead. There can be both exact matches as well as matches that are close, such as Rita Mead. There may be more than one exact match and you may have to check more than one author listing.

If you know the title of an item you are looking for, you can select title beginning with in the drop-down menu. If you are not sure of the exact title, but you know some of the words, select title words instead. Next, enter the title in the text box and be sure to leave out any initial articles such as the , an or a . Next click search.

The next page will contain a list of results that may have exact matches or other close matches.

If you see an item that you would like to borrow, click on the title of the item. There are different options available for you to obtain the item depending on where you live.

Within an item's catalog record, you'll see a link to “Find It”. Clicking on “Find It” will open a new window, within which you will see a number of helpful links and service options. Be aware that in most cases full text for the book will not be available online.

For books, the Find It menu will offer options such as library holding information and a link to ask a Reference Question.

For journals and e-books, you may be able to access the full-text via the Find It button.

If the journal full-text is available, you will see a link to the database that has the full-text, along with the availability dates.

The Find It menu also allows you to check to see what institutions own the item, among all USMAI campuses.  This information is also provided in the catalog record of the item.

If you live in Maryland or close by, you can visit the library that owns the item and check it out at that location. You can also request it to be sent to a library at a University System of Maryland or affiliated institution near you. If you are a UMUC faculty member, student or staff and you live in the continental United States but OUTSIDE of Maryland, you can request to have a book sent to your address at no cost.

To request an item to be delivered to a U-S-M-A-I library or to an address in the continental U.S. outside of the state of Maryland , click on Availability to see if the item is available to borrow. Some items do not circulate and can only be used at the library that owns them. If the item is available, click on Request .

Next, log in using your last name and library barcode. Your library barcode number is available on your UMUC ID card.

Next, select a pick up location in the drop-down menu. If your location is in the continental U.S. , but outside of Maryland and you would like to have a circulating item delivered to your address, select UMUC - UMUC Patrons Only. When finished selecting a pickup location, click send . If the item is available, it will be sent immediately. If an item is already borrowed, you will be placed in a queue, and the item will be delivered after it has been returned by the current borrower.

If you are a student located outside of the continental United States , you can request a part of the book to be scanned and sent to you electronically. Due to copyright restrictions, we can scan a maximum of 20% of the content of the book. You may also want to check to see if the book is available as an e-book or check the holdings of a local library. Use LibDex or LibWeb to find a library near you. For more information on book delivery options, please visit the Get It Delivered section of the ILS Web site.

You can use the My Account section of catalogUSMAI to renew materials, view the status of items you have checked out, or check on items you have requested. You can access the My Account by clicking on the link to My Account located in the upper right hand corner of the page. A UMUC library barcode is necessary to log in.

For more information on using the catalog, including advanced search features, please see our guide available on the ILS Web site or contact a UMUC librarian.

Thank you for viewing this presentation. Visit us often for all of your library information needs.