Finding Full-Text Articles with findit

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Welcome to the Information and Library Services tutorial on using Find It to find full text articles.  This presentation takes about two minutes to watch, and will show you how to use the Find It button to find the full text of articles from library database search results.

At times the full text of an article may not be available in the particular database that you’re searching in.  When that happens, click on the yellow Find It button. 

You’ll see the Find It button below individual articles in database search results, and also in the more detailed descriptions of those articles in the databases.  Clicking on the Find It button will show you whether full text is available in another database that the Library subscribes to.  In this example, full text is not available in the Ageline database full text is available in the Science Direct database, however.  Clicking on the "Get full text at" link will take us into the database, and to the full text of the article.

When a database contains the full text of an article, you will generally see a link to it, either as a PDF or as an HTML document.  In this case, Science Direct gives us a link to a PDF of the full text of the article.  Remember if you’re citing an article always to use the database where you found its full text in your citation.

And here’s the full text of the article.  Because the full text of an article may be available to you in a database other than the particular database that you’re searching in, you should not limit a search only to articles available in full text in that database.  You risk missing useful material that’s immediately available to you elsewhere.

If you have questions about using Find It, or about any other library resource or service, you can get help by clicking on the Ask a Librarian button on any UMUC Library page.  Thank you very much for watching this presentation.


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