Secrets of My Research Success:
About the Final Quiz

How do I take the quiz for a class?
If you are required to take the quiz for a class, there will be a link in the Course Content area of your online classroom.
Secrets of My Research Success Final Quiz

What does the quiz look like?
The quiz consists of 10 randomly generated multiple choice questions.

Is there a sample quiz?
You can see sample quiz questions at the Sample Final Quiz (PDF).  Note that you will not be able to submit your quiz responses or see the correct answers to the sample questions.

What happens after I take the quiz?
After taking the quiz, click on the Submit My Answers button at the bottom of the page.  You will automatically see which answers are correct and which are incorrect, as well as the correct answers for all of the questions.

How can I have my score e-mailed to my instructor and me?
The quiz is set up so that when it is accessed properly from the link in your online classroom, it will automatically capture certain information about you.  At the top and bottom of the page with your score is a button that says Email Score to Your Professor .  Click on this button to have your score automatically e-mailed to your instructor and cc'd to you at the e-mail address on file in your online classroom.

What if I forget to click on the button to have my score e-mailed?
If you re-access the quiz from your online classroom, you will see a message saying that you have already taken the quiz for the class, and you will also see your quiz score.  The button to have your score e-mailed to your instructor and cc'd to you will be available again on this page.

Can I take the quiz more than once?
The quiz is set up so that students can only take it once per class.

Is the Secrets of My Research Success quiz the same thing as the VAIL tutor?
These are two completely different quizzes. The Library originally created and continues to manage the Secrets of My Research Success quiz. The VAIL Tutor was originally created by the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP), a department no longer in existence at UMUC, several years ago and they did not include a database to manage and retain quiz scores when constructing this product. While the Library now oversees the VAIL Tutor, because of the lack of a score management system, the Library is unable to provide you with your current or previous scores if you do not record them upon completion.